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Industry Research Reports

Get a quick and intelligent overview of any industry

Busy professionals can spend less time researching and preparing for meetings, and more time focused on making strategic business decisions that benefit you, your company and your clients.


Features of Industry Research Reports

  • Comprehensive data and analysis that is easy to read and digest

  • Reports available that cover industries in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK and New Zealand

  • Copy & paste our charts, graphs and images for use in presentations and decks

  • Individual reports are 30-40 pages and all follow the same table of contents

  • All reports available with subscription to our online library, plus the option to download as a PDF

  • Reports updated frequently


Overview of the Report Sections

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Industry Performance

This section highlights key external drivers that affect the industry, assesses the current performance and looks at the revenue growth of the industry over the past 10+ years.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Industry Outlook

Learn about expected changes in revenue and profit by looking at trends. Understand whether and why the market is expected to grow or contract and take advantage of our 5-year revenue forecast.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Products Market

Quickly see the key buying and selling industries to assess the supply chain. Understand an industry’s products or services, its markets, where the industry is located, if it imports or exports, and how it differentiates itself from other industries.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Competitive Landscape

Analyze the external environment in which the industry is operating. It will help answer questions like ‘What is the concentration level in this industry?’ ‘How has it changed over the five years?’ ‘How have these changes affected industry performance?’

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Major Companies

Learn about the industry’s major players. The analysis includes company performance, strategy and financial data to help you understand which companies have the most sway, how their operations have fared and strategies that allow them to be successful.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Operating Conditions

Analyze the external environment the industry operates in. It includes a measurement of capital intensity, discussions of technologies and systems, an overview of the regulatory environment and whether the industry receives any form of government assistance.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports - Key Statistics

This section provides a snapshot of the industry in the form of numerical data including revenue, annual change and key ratios. You can easily export this data into Excel to customize as needed.


When you become a member of the IBISWorld community, you get instant access to our full suite of reports, along with a dedicated client relationship manager to help you get the most out of your membership. Contact us to learn about discounts we can offer your organization.

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