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Independent and Accurate

We source our information from official data authorities and organizations. We also regularly update each report, so you always have access to the most current data. We explain our forecasts and models so you can get a true understanding of how an industry works. Our methodology is transparent and data is available for download in Microsoft Excel format.

We have quality control systems in place to ensure that our analysis, as well as the data it is based on, is thoroughly reviewed and cross-checked. You can be confident that you’re providing globally trusted, best-in-class research to your users.

Convenient and Consistent Format

All IBISWorld products are available online, so they’re accessible to your users 24/7. We have thousands of reports with extensive research on large and niche industries, so no matter what requests you get, IBISWorld has you covered. Each report follows a consistent format, so you and your users can find answers quickly, and easily compare and benchmark industry data.

Quickly Become an Expert in Any Industry

IBISWorld offers a range of products and services designed specifically for your needs. Learn more about how we can help with your business strategies.

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More Info

Download a PDF summary, which briefly explains how IBISWorld’s report breadth and depth helps research librarians and frees up staff time for other revenue-driving activities.

Industry Insider

The IBISWorld Industry Insider is your go-to resource for timely and relevant industry news. Dive deeper with topical analyst insights, infographics, top 10 lists and other information to help you identify opportunities and make smarter business decisions. Also, check out our Client Q&As to find out how others in your industry are using IBISWorld research reports.

From Our Clients
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"As the firm's Library Manager, IBISWorld provides me with unique insight that helps us gain in-depth knowledge of key industries and businesses. This shows clients and potential clients that we understand their business, competitors and industry, and can provide professional legal services to meet their needs."

- Holland & Knight LLP